Chauri Belha Mahavidyalaya Tarwan


The college has impressive two story building, comprising three blocks: Faculty of Education block, Faculty of Arts block and Administrative block. Administrative block and Faculty of Education block face each other, while Faculty of Arts block is located between these two blocks on one side. In addition, the college has sufficient open space for playground and organising different events.

Faculty of Education

First Floor
Study rooms: Two
HoD’s room: One
Science laboratory: One
Psychology laboratory: One
Computer laboratory: One

Second Floor
Study rooms: Two
Workshop: One
Audio video: One

Faculty of Arts

Study rooms: Four
Lecture theatre: One (hall)
Geography laboratory: One
Auditorium: One
Library: One with attached reading room

Administrative Block

Principal’s office with attached retiring room
Office superintendent’s office
NSS office
Staff room
Common room for girls